‘Taylor’ Made Workshops

We offer a range of dance and drama workshops catered to your schools needs which are designed to compliment all aspects of the National Curriculum.Two of our students

Available for a session/ half or full day they aim to develop

  • creative thinking
  • memorable and fun learning experience
  • a sense of personal development and positive achievement
  • PHSE team and co operative skills
  • speaking, listening and writing skills
  • starting points for cross curricular links and “hooks” for continued learning

Past Projects include:

  • Confidence and team building through drama
  • Evacuees, Private Peaceful Workshop
  • Making Shakespeare accessible for the young
  • Dance day, creating a routine based on a given period and style
  • Confidence for job interviews

We are willing to talk through your requirements. Contact us on 07973 363315 or visit the contact us page by clicking here.