Here at Saddleworth Drama Centre, we are very proud to have received a number of testimonials about the work we do. Please take a moment to have a read of them – if you’d like to send one yourself, please click here and fill in the form. Thanks!

Judith and Adele give 100% to Saddleworth Drama centre and that’s why I can whole heartedly recommend them. The professionalism, dedication and training is second to none and when I’m judging those are the standards I’m looking for.

Amanda Holden, Patron

I have been associated with Saddleworth Drama since the beginning. Judith and I have been friends for 30 years and together with Adele there is nobody better to to teach your child the benefits of drama, dance and vocal training. Most of all, have fun! X

Sue Johnston, Patron

She has such a very generous and warm personality that the youngsters flourish under her tutelage. They are very lucky, in my opinion, to have access to such a wealth of expertise from such an ultimate professional.

I think Judith and her team with their wealth of experience and talent are one of the few groups I know that are absolutely up to the task.

Caroline Smith, Director, currently Chair of the board, Orange Tree, Richmond.

I spent five years at Jude’s. During this time I took part in a number of productions organised by the academy. It would be an unsatisfactory compliment to simply say that they were ‘fun’ or ‘great’; they were much more than that. Each production was a carefully planned introduction to the realities of stage acting, and each one was an absolute pleasure to be part of. Whether the venue was the local church hall, or an impressive studio at Salford’s The Lowry Centre, each performance was an immensely rewarding challenge – mixing the rigour of professionalism Judith demanded with the inclusiveness that was such a trait of all her shows and classes. After leaving the academy I continued acting as an undergraduate at The University of Oxford, and took part in numerous shows and I can say this with absolute sincerity, none of those subsequent plays ever managed to surpass, or indeed even replicate, the atmosphere and success of my earlier experiences. Judith and Adele offer, to all their students, an incredible figure of professional guidance, and indeed beyond that a good, and exceptionally knowledgeable, friend. The classes, and productions, offer a real service to the local community; particularly at a time when local funding for the arts is under such duress. I cannot recommend her, or Jude’s Drama Academy, highly enough.

Nicholas Higgins, Oxford Graduate

During the seven years that I was a part of Jude’s Drama I was involved in a number of productions. I thoroughly enjoyed every single one, and always learnt a lot; learning lines and attending rehearsals taught me more self discipline than any school based subject or activity.

The experience of performing with Jude’s Drama – the friends I made, the camaraderie on a production, and the achievement felt once on stage – are something I will never forget!

Holly Bryson, ITV Researcher

I started at Jude’s Drama about 12 years ago and not only has Jude’s enabled me to follow my dream of being an actor and gained me a place at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, I think what has been most important about working with Judith and Adele is that it has given me invaluable life skills and confidence in myself as well as an actor.

I have gained so much from spending time working with Judith and Adele and learning from both of their experiences and their knowledge of the stage and acting.

Jude’s Drama is so much fun I think this is one of the main reasons it’s so popular, the classes and shows aren’t just filled with people wanting to be actors but also students who are there to have fun, build confidence and consequently learn team building skills that help in all aspects of life, and also make some life long friends along the way.

Beth Capper, graduate Mountview Theatre School

I was not very academic at school and did encounter bullying as a child but none of these things mattered when I walked through the doors at drama on a Saturday. They taught me to believe in myself and be confident with whom I am and helped me overcome my weaknesses. For several shows I was given the role of stage manager and props coordinator and this was a role that I really enjoyed, I was able to take ownership and responsibility to ensure that the shows ran smoothly and any issues were resolved quickly.

I really enjoyed performing in front of an audience and I hope we inspired other young people to get involved with acting.

Becky Wallis, BBC researcher

I started at Jude’s drama at the age of 11, and now 8 years and half a dozen shows later I’m directing my own choir at the University of Cambridge.  The variety of shows we performed allowed everyone the chance to shine and broaden their skill set.   Without the hard work and dedication of Judith, Adele and Dave I would not have had the confidence to get up onto that stage, let alone think I had the capability of singing!

Johnathon Bielby, Cambridge Student

Shows are an escape from the strains of school, to a professional environment, and a taste of the acting profession. The end of each show leaves me hungry for more.


I did my first show at Jude’s drama at the age of 8, with no confidence, since then I’ve appeared in several shows and my confidence has grown massively.